Monday, December 31, 2012

Healing Herbs, Motherwort

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca)

This beautiful pink fuzzy plant, as its name implies, has a host of special benefits for women. Females from puberty to old age find this herb indispensible! If you suffer from PMS, get to know motherwort. It consistently quiets the nervous irritability associated with the premenstrual condition. Motherwort helps restore emotional balance when feeling stressed and tense. It soothes and strengthens the entire nervous system. Motherwort is an excellent tonic for the uterus and reproductive organs, is unfailing at relieving menstrual cramping, and will consistently bring on menstruation when late. Motherwort is a very good herb for girls just coming into puberty and just 10 drops in water a few times a week will help regulate menstruation and ease their transition into womanhood. Also an ally of high repute for the menopausal women, motherwort will balance hormones, moderate mood swings, ease hot flashes, depression and heart palpitations. Motherwort is a gentle heart tonic and very strengthening to the heart and circulatory system. Tests conducted in China have shown motherwort’s ability to relax the heart and other studies have demonstrated this herbs ability to prevent internal blood clots that trigger heart attack. German tests show motherwort’s sedative action and Russian researchers found that it contains chemicals that reduce blood pressure. Typical dose of motherwort is 10-20 drops twice daily, or as needed.

 If preferred a tea of dried leaves can be made into motherwort tea. Place 1 to 2 tsp. of dried leaves, slightly crumbled, in an 8 ounce cup. Pour boiling water over the leaves, and let cool 10 minutes. The leaves infuse the water, making the tea. Use a mesh tea strainer, and pour the infusion into another cup. Discard the used leaves.

As with all medicines, there are side effects. With Motherwort, as you can see, the beneifits outweigh the side effects. Some side effects of an excess of motherwort include diarrhea and stomach irritation. In more severe cases, uterine bleeding can occur. Some individuals report an increased sensitivity to light after taking motherwort. The leaves can have an irritating effect and cause inflammation when in contact with theskin of some individuals. Taking motherwort during pregnancy can lead to uterine contraction and potential miscarriage.

This is never a replacement for your doctor's care, but is a good option to discuss with him/her.
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